The Book
See The Testament of the Bright God

Follower of the Bright God
A believer in The Testament of the Bright God. Followers tend to shun contact with the outside world believing it to be filled with sin. The Bright God offers salvation to his followers and they are expected to lead quiet austere lives of work and prayer, following the dictates of the priests of the Bright God. Followers live in either Covenant, the original settlement founded by Joseph Shepherd, or in Eden.

The Sundering
Refers to a time when mankind devolved into Chaos and the Followers of the Bright God escaped to found Covenant and Eden. The Sundering was caused by the greed of selfish nations who made compacts with demons that drove the ancient nations into madness. Evil warlocks cursed the lands and The Bright God caused the earth to open up and swallow the sinners.

The Testament of the Bright God
Also called simply “The Book”. The holy book revealed by Joseph Shepherd in the community of Covenant. The book of the one true God and the only book that one should read if a member of the One True Faith. In Covenant all other books are suspicious and should be burned but there are rumors that the more relaxed members of The Faith in Eden might tolerate the existance of other books.


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