The Twilight Lands

Prelude-The Raid

A long time ago, great kingdoms and warrior tribes ruled the lands. They lived lives of indolence and greed and were lured away from the true God. They let themselves be lured by the dark one and his witches with promises of wealth and power. Soon wars raged all across the land, fires burned, demons and evil sorcery were unleashed and many thousands died or were changed into hideous monsters. Monsters roamed the land and killed both the sinners and righteous alike. In the end God smote them down for their sin and his prophet led the righteous away to the green lands.

You, the people of Covenant are the chosen ones. Joseph Shepherd guided and protected you and has led you to this valley and you have been safe ever since. The elders of the Church of the Covenant guide you in lives of hard work and prayer, and all is good. No monsters haunt you and other than the occasional wild animal there is no danger. The only others you have ever seen are the occasional traders from Eden. You are safe here.

3 days ago your lives were changed when evil cultists attacked your town. Under cover of darkness they came, injured several of the caretakers of the Church, and stole the Sacred Shrine of the Blessed Waters. The next day, you went after them.

1 day ago you passed the furthest any of you have ever been from Covenant.

This morning, you said your prayers and continued the pursuit. You’ve come to the end of the green lands and stand on the edge of a broken desert. The tracks of the cultists lead into it.


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