The Twilight Lands

Into the Wastelands

The band walked into the broken lands, a dry rocky desert where the only sound was the wind and the only movement other than themselves was the dust sweeping along the ground. For hours they followed the trail as it slowly descended and narrowed and they soon found themselves in a canyon.

Eventually it narrowed to the point where only a couple of hundred meters or so separated the walls and the rocky floor had turned into mostly sand, with dunes often blocked their path until they finally came to a large pit. The sand sloped down into a depression at least 50 meters below the group and only a thin and treacherous path could be seen at the edges of the canyon. The path of the raiders went along the left side of the pit.

Not trusting the look of the pit and keeping a wary eye around them they tied themselves together to take the trail around while several kept watch. The going went well and they made it almost all the way across before they slipped and started sliding into the pit.

As they desperately tried to stop their descent down the slope the other characters watching helplessly saw a monstrous sight. At the bottom of the pit a hole opened and a giant spider larger than a horse scrabbled out at blinding speed.


mschamle mschamle

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